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The floor innovation group

The Floor Innovation Group


1968   Establishment of Siltex AG
1988   The company settles in the Schädrütihalde location in Lucerne
1994   The two present owners, Thomas Rebsamen and Alois Schärli, purchase the company
1996   Opening of the Siltex Germany branch
1997   Siltex AG moves to Sursee, Allmendstrasse 6
2001   Purchase of the company Naturo Kork AG (Gross/SZ)
2001   Establishment of the company Terr’Arte AG
2002   All activities are concentrated in the location Allmendstrasse 4 in Sursee
opening of a new exhibition surface of 400 m2
  Establishment of several industrial partnerships within and outside of Europe
2004   Beginning of the strategical partnership between Naturo Kork AG and Li & Co, Müstair for the Swiss market
2006   Installation of the EU-stock in Schopfheim, Germany
2012   Purchase of 50% shares of J. Brauchli AG, Adliswil by Siltex AG
2013   J. Brauchli AG moving into the new building in Sursee, Allmendstrasse 4
2013   Opening of a shop by J. Brauchli AG in Adliswil
2013   New market presence of the four brands – Siltex – Naturo Kork – Terr’Arte – J. Brauchli – under the name of «The Floor Innovation Group»

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